Horror: Pinhead

{Icons} - Sweeney Todd and Miss Saigon

Because there is not enough Miss Saigon love in the world! And also because as I'm sure the whole world knows by now, I'm obsessed with Sweeney...and I have recently acquired new pictures *coughs*.

[x10] Miss Saigon
[x5] Sweeney Todd

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Horror: Pinhead

{Icons} Jekyll and Hyde

Everything is this post is Jekyll and Hyde - most are text, some are amusing icons that I thought were funny... the musical pictures are from the Hoff DVD because its the only proper one there is and I like it! There are also some bases of both the Hoff DVD and Mary Reilly (mostly Hyde)

[x4] Mary Reilly
[x6] Humourous J&H
[x22] Text - J&H
[x11] Bases - J&H and Mary Reilly (mostly Hyde)

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